FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What format are the downloadable files?

We use and MP3 file format.

I’m having problems downloading the files. What should I do?

If you’re having problems downloading and saving the files, watch this quick video. It should help.

Can I copy the files?

Copying the files or duplicating the CD without expressed written permission from EMS Success is strictly prohibited and simply, uncool. We’ve put a ton of work into to providing a fantastic product at a very reasonable price and ask that you respect that by not copying our stuff!

Somehow I failed my exam. How do I get My Money Back?

This is a very important question so I suggest reading the following carefully.

Obviously we have to protect ourselves from individuals trying to get their Money Back under false pretenses. Therefore we have put into place some a few simple steps. Assuming you followed the directions on the order form and provided that you intended to use on your NREMT Exam, we require that you email a copy of the receipt you received with your order from to us along with a copy of the failing score you received from the NREMT website. Please be sure your name and the date of the exam are clearly visible. In some cases, we may require temporary access to the NREMT site using your login to verify any unclear information. Once verified (up to 48 hours), you will be refunded the amount on your receipt within 30 days.

Any additional questions can be emailed to Support AT EMSSuccess.com.

Thank you.